12 Candle Japonica Archive Gift Set

In the early ages, candles are only used for illuminating, they are just used to provide light and the first dripped candles were made by the Romans at around 500 B.C using tallow – seems ancient right? Years and years have gone by and the candle making is being modified, in the 13th century it has begun to expand, and those who make them were called “Chandlers” – people who go to different houses to make candles out of fats from the kitchen or have their own little shops of candles.

Candles are not only for lighting or adorning but it now has its own therapeutic use. It all started in China where they make incense sticks that are inserted in wax that produces a wonderful scent or aroma. Now it is being industrialized throughout the globe.

Have you ever been to a place wherein upon entering the room it feels like you don’t want to leave and just want to stay there because of the smell that makes you say “aah, very soothing!”? This is how the 12 Japonica Candles will make you feel when you have it at your own humble abode! Every day feels like you are in a spa.

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Detailed information about 12 Candle Japonica Archive Gift Set

Included in this package are the scents of Japanese Plum Bloom, Baltic Amber, Santiago Huckleberry, French Cane Lavender, Mokara, Moso Bamboo, Crane Flower, Persimmon and Copal, Nissho-Soleil, Yashioka Gardenia, Panjore Lychee, and Goji Tarocco Orange.

You can choose which among these scents will suit your mood for the day, and make your home a haven of peace and harmony with the calming scents of these candles!


Comes in beautiful packaging that is inspired by the art of Japanese paper making

Wide variety of candles with fragrances that you can enjoy and relax to