Gaming Headset Headphone Stand Holder with Cable Organizer & Cellphone Stand

When gaming on a computer or gaming console, the enthusiast usually wears a pair of headphones to experience the fully immersive sound quality present in most computer games. Whether the headphones are connected with a cable or are a Bluetooth enabled set, is purely a matter of preference where gaming is concerned, but whichever type is used there will always be the problem of what to do with the headset when it is not in use; where does the gamer store the headphones?

Most quality headsets can be a very expensive piece of equipment and the last thing that should happen is for them to be knocked onto the bedroom floor or even worse, trodden on in the night when everything is dark. Headphones, just like anything else need somewhere to be stored when not in use, preferably in full view. What the headphones need to keep them in their place is a stand designed to fit all makes of headphones and the cable, if any, and keep them tidy and out of harm’s way.

This stand holder from GeekDigg is exactly what any gamer should have to keep their headset or headphones tidy and prevent the desk or shelf from becoming disorganized.

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Detailed information about Gaming Headset Headphone Stand Holder with Cable Organizer & Cellphone Stand

The stand is made from a sturdy and high-grade acrylic material and consists of a heavy base with an upright length from which is fixed support for the headset to rest on. There is also a cable organizer fitted to the upright piece around which the cable can be wound.

This stand doesn’t only hold the headset used in gaming sessions; many people use headphones when on the computer to listen to music or to conduct video conferencing or even when listening to music from a CD player, and headphones always need somewhere to be kept tidy to make sure they don’t get misplaced or broken.

The stand arrives at your home dismantled with all the necessary parts as well as a useful screwdriver so that it is easily assembled.


Suitable for keeping any pair of headphones or headsets safe and tidy

Easily assembled before use

24-month guarantee