Aroma Naturals Orange and Lemongrass Scented Pillar Candle

Everyone loves candles, the warm glow and the ambiance they give to a room, and the better they smell the better they like them.

This scented candle will provide up to 50 hours of the most enjoyable aromatherapy out there.

Made with delicate lemongrass and orange essential oils, this candle will soothe the soul and promote relaxation and a feeling of calm and peacefulness.

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Detailed information about Aroma Naturals Orange and Lemongrass Scented Pillar Candle

Aromatherapy has long been touted as a panacea for the body and the soul and this artisan-made candle will help attain that zen-like feeling.

The beautiful amber colored candle measures 2.5 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall and through its core is a wick that is made from 100 percent all natural cotton and does not contain metal of any kind, including lead.

As mentioned, the burn time on this candle is 50 hours and the delicate scent of orange and lemongrass will last from start to finish.

These candles are made with no synthetic fragrances, only the all-natural essential oils so they will not promote allergies.


Scented with orange and lemongrass essential oils for a long-lasting aromatherapy

Beautifully boxed and economically priced, perfect for giving

All natural with no synthetic fragrances to provoke allergies

Made with a 100 percent cotton wick that is free of metal