Fashion Lady Collar Necklace

With this gorgeous, regal necklace you can make your friend, family member, colleague, or classmate look just like royalty. Transparent, emerald-colored vinyl shows off refracting light with its teardrop shape and beautiful bevels. The pigmentation is strong and clear, with a deep green making a vibrant statement. The silver and black, fine metal-like color of the chain and edging around the teardrops stands out beautifully, and the collar pairs perfectly with the little black dress that your intended gift recipient is sure to have hanging in the closet.

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Detailed information about Fashion Lady Collar Necklace

Even though the material looks and feels expensive, this gift is beautifully priced at just under $3. Thanks to the cutting-edge design and top of the line production technology, the necklace is incredibly lightweight and won’t put a strain on anyone’s neck. It fastens at the nape of your gift recipient’s neck with a fully functional lobster claw clasp that is easy to hook through the short connecting chain on the other end. With a range of links in the short connecting chain, your gift recipient can adjust the necklace to exactly the length that best suits them and their frame.