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UGEARS Dynamometer Model Mechanical 3D Puzzle

This Dynameter mechanical 3D model puzzle will be a fun gift that will without a doubt keep someone preoccupied and an interesting masterpiece to marvel over.

If you are struggling to get an engineer in your life a sweet gift, this is what you should go for.

It’s not just a puzzle; it’s a state-of-the-art masterpiece that upon completion will stand out magnificently.

Engineers love piecing things together and setting them in motion. This Dynamometer Mechanical puzzle will not be an exception.

The 3D puzzle mode has a unique design that will give one a yearning to see things in real motion mechanics and make them believe that they can actually build something and bring it into action all by themselves.

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Detailed information about UGEARS Dynamometer Model Mechanical 3D Puzzle

This model is a typical representation of elegance, sophistication and a version that symbolizes real life mechanics.

It’s a simple assembly that is so dynamic and intriguing.

The wooden self-propelled mechanical puzzle is amazingly easy to work with. It doesn't need glue to assemble.

The pieces are made of eco-friendly wooden materials.

This model is made of high-quality plywood boards.

The parts are cut with precision, accuracy, and laser cut methods to ensure that every part comes out precisely as it should and meets the set quality standards.

It comes with a well-detailed step-by-step instruction booklet to help with the assembling.

It's a great pastime puzzle that will also enhance and develop logical thinking and help one improve their concentration and attention to details.


The assembling kits are made of precisely cut, high-quality plywood boards

The Dynamometer is a simple UGEARS model that shows the dynamics and basic principles of mechanics

It comes with detailed, elaborate instructions on how to assemble the model

It's a fun and a great learning tool for kids