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Eon Concepts Storm Glass Weather Predictor

For centuries people have been fascinated by the idea of predicting the weather and in the 17th century, the ‘Storm Glass’ became popular as a way of doing just that.

It wasn’t just idle curiosity either, as foreknowledge of approaching storms could be a lifesaver when you were at sea. It was for this reason that the Storm Glass was promoted in the 1860s by Admiral Robert FitzRoy.

The Storm Glass was a sealed glass container containing a combination of special liquids. How the crystals formed within the liquid was believed to be connected with the state of the weather.

However, it is now known that the crystal growth is only altered by the temperature change of the surroundings. Everyone likes to have an ornamental addition to their home that also does something. Something beautiful and practical that doesn’t need any manipulation by you the owner.

The Storm Glass Weather Predictor from Eon Concepts is a device that is as beautiful as it is fascinating.

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Detailed information about Eon Concepts Storm Glass Weather Predictor

It is a handcrafted glass tool shaped like a water droplet and is filled with a special mixture of liquids. It has a wooden base and an LED light that shines different colored lights into the liquid to illuminate the crystals.

There are different sized Storm Glasses available to suit many different styles of room decoration:

  • 6.5cm diameter x 14cm high
  • 9.5cm diameter x 19cm high
  • 11.5cm diameter x 22cm high

This is a wonderful piece of glass art that will delight any student of history, science, meteorology, art or glass sculpture and will guarantee to keep their eyes fixated on the changing 3-dimensional patterns growing and diminishing within the teardrop.


Beautiful glass sculpture with ever-changing crystals within

Crystals change to suit the ambient temperature

Fascinating to any student of the history of science yet looks ultra-modern when used as an ornament