Willow Tree Guardian Angel by Susan Lordi

The Willow Tree Guardian Angel is a wonderful piece of art made by Susan Lordi. It is a one of a kind, unique item that can be given to anyone and for any occasion. If there is a new baby on the way, people can buy this as a baby shower gift, it can be given as a birthday present to believers and it can be bought for older people who like angelic-themed items for their homes. It will match any interior and it expresses divine protection, healing from loss and represents comfort as well.

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Detailed information about Willow Tree Guardian Angel by Susan Lordi

Each willow tree is accompanied by a 'may you always have an Angel to watch over you' message on an enclosure card. With this kind of gift of love, people can commemorate those spiritual milestones like baptism or first communion by gifting loved ones with this item. This angel will bring nice memories and will bring a peaceful presence into the home. It is a symbol of protection that gives comfort to the people who keep it around. The Willow Tree Guardian Angel is one of the many figurine sculptures created by the renowned artist Susan Lordi.