Malden International Designs Glazed Ceramic Frame

A child’s or a Godchild’s baptism is a big spiritual milestone in their lives. Those days are really special and they should be remembered for the good things only. One of the best things to be remembered for is a good gift. Something appropriate that is special and adorable. That kind of gift that will stick for the years to come and remind the little ones that they are cared for and loved as well. That is why Malden International Designs created this ceramic frame.

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Detailed information about Malden International Designs Glazed Ceramic Frame

This frame can be used for any kind of picture but it is recommended that a picture of the child or the whole family is used when setting it up. It can be set up with the perfect picture during the baptism exercise where the right moment is captured in a snap. All the buyers have to do is to insert the picture into the frame so they can preserve it for a lifetime. It is a gift that will live for ages until the baby grows into a fine person. This will bring nice and soft memories in the years to come.