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Water Dancing Speakers

Everyone loves to bust a groove, even though not all people do so in public. Some could be considered closet dancers, just dancing to their heart’s desire in their rooms, while others do not even need a dance floor to jam to their favorite music – just give them a danceable, catchy song and they will be moving and grooving until the wee hours of the morning.

This is most true with tween girls – they are at the age where they are becoming more of themselves and are enjoying their freedom of self-expression. As adults, we want to give them this freedom and support them, and with that said, we think that they will absolutely love the Soundsoul Light Show Water Fountain Speakers.

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Detailed information about Water Dancing Speakers

This amazing speaker set is unlike the others because of this unique feature. Simply plug in your laptop, phone, tv, mp3 player, computer, tablet, and other compatible devices and watch the water dance to the beat of your music!

What’s more, they are made of acrylic and non-toxic materials in case you had any concerns about that. The set comes in a pair of 2 speakers and is a bit on the small side (about 9 inches), but that is the great thing about it! You can easily move around and bring the speakers to other rooms and set it up for some fun.


Lightweight and small which makes it easy for youngsters to set up and move around

Unique water show dancing to the beat of whatever music you play

Inexpensive yet high quality and does what it is supposed to