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Otamatone “Deluxe” Electronic Musical Instrument from Japan

Japan is widely known for its various unique inventions throughout the years. They come up with cool and interesting new things stemming from their imagination that they eventually turn into reality. Japan is highly regarded for its creation of anime, robots, games and many, many more. They are one of the most industrialized countries that really utilizes technology and uses it in their everyday life, no matter how simple a task may seem.

The same goes for their musical abilities. Billy Higgins once said, “The Japanese actually approach the music on a high level, it’s always been on a high level”, which we believe as a fact. During the early years, the Japanese used to produce music that reflects their culture and heritage, but as the years went by, they began adapting and incorporating western music styles and started to produce music with that in mind, even making song covers of popular songs and sang them in Japanese.

Keeping that in mind, the musical geniuses in Japan came up with an idea for another spectacular invention that will surely capture the hearts of those who love music, and this invention has been tagged as the world’s cutest and weirdest musical instrument – the Otamatone Deluxe.

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Detailed information about Otamatone “Deluxe” Electronic Musical Instrument from Japan

It is an electronic music synthesizer invented by toy company CUBE and Maywa Denki Design Firm. This musical device is shaped like an eighth note with a face and also has the resemblance of a very cute tadpole.

The Otamatone has various types and this one is the deluxe version which is a larger version, longer neck and is 44 centimeters in size.

Each Otamatone Deluxe has a line-out jack, a power entry and a three-level pitch switch to produce high, middle and low pitch and an analog knob for adjusting the volume and operates very simple. It only requires 3 AA batteries to work.


World’s weirdest and cutest musical instrument

Portable and easy to carry with its 1 pound weight

Simple colors make it look cute and elegant at the same time