Johnny Cash – Greatest Hits & Favorites

Ahh, the good old days. A simpler, quieter time free of the internet, traffic jams and fast food options. And the music? Now that is something we all still appreciate and remember. With parents blasting our homes with their ‘oldies but goodies’ picks, we are definitely no stranger to the beautiful world of country, classic, gospel, rock ‘n’ roll and other genres of music from years that have gone by. There are still a handful of artists from decades back that are still being revered to this day and have become icons in their own right – artists such as Elvis Presley, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder… but perhaps you one of the most loved and listened to artist of all time is the incredible Johnny Cash.

An artist that was not bound by any term or genre, Johnny Cash reinvented what it meant to be an artist by experimenting in different genres and artistic mediums, and because of these crossovers, he had the honor to be inducted in various music hall of fame such as the Gospel Music, Rock n Roll and Country Music, which is a rare feat that not many artists had the opportunity to do. With that said, we think anyone would love to own a Johnny Cash, also known as ‘The Man in Black’, album, but more so than others would be your dad.

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Detailed information about Johnny Cash – Greatest Hits & Favorites

The man of the household probably grew up listening to a bunch of Johnny Cash records, so we think it is fitting to give him this Johnny Cash Double Vinyl record containing this icon’s greatest hits and favorites. This heavyweight 180-gram vinyl set has two LPs featuring a whopping 48 songs, with each vinyl having 24 songs.


Contains 48 tracks