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How To Yoga Coffee Mug – Ceramic Mug and Coaster

Here is a mug that offers a little study on inner peace and health all while enjoying a morning cup of tea.

This cup is wonderfully illustrated with detailed yoga poses meant to balance chakras and start the day in a calm, balanced, and relaxed mindset.

The ceramic mug would make the perfect gift for the yoga enthusiast or for anyone who is interested in finding their balance before starting the day.

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Detailed information about How To Yoga Coffee Mug – Ceramic Mug and Coaster

This mug has a pictorial on how to balance each of the seven chakras, as well as depicting the specific series of poses that comprise the Sun Salutation.

Some of the poses pictured are the Tree Pose or Root Chakra, the Goddess pose or Sacral Chakra, along with poses for balancing all seven of the chakras.

The design of this mug is very zen, and with its colors of white and blue with touches of gold and red, it is incredibly calming as well.

Each chakra pose is beautifully illustrated in great detail, so even the novice yoga practitioner will be able to follow them with ease.

This mug also comes with a blue yoga mat coaster decorated with a beautiful mandala in the center, which is the perfect bit of flair that caps off this fun gift.


A sturdy high-quality ceramic mug that holds 12 ounces of hot or cold liquid

Perfect for attaining a clear focus before starting the day

An ideal gift for any yoga enthusiast

Comes with a yoga mat coaster and packaged in a matching box