Pyle-Pro Amplifier

Are you looking for a unique gift for your kid that will really excite him? Do you know someone who is into music and is learning the basic patterns, rhythms and timings applicable are on a drum set?

If you ticked the box, then this electronic tabletop drum from Pyle is an all-in-one wonder. It will be the ultimate starter kit for an aspiring drummer and a fitting gift for anyone interested in the art of drumming. Its designed to resemble, play and sound like an actual drum set yet it’s only a fraction of the size.

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Detailed information about Pyle-Pro Amplifier

The kit is portable, lightweight and super customizable. The compact design reflects today's modern technology and actually makes the traditional drum set look extremely bulky. It is the perfect musical instrument for a drummer on the go.

The top panel control center for this digital drum machine is well equipped with LCD screen together with several audio configuration control. These settings allow you to customize and create music to your liking. Once you set up the sounds for all the drum pads, you will be able to save these settings, and you can always drum to the presets from there. And when you are satisfied with settings, press the record button and have fun creating your first drum solo.


Comes with a ton of accessories which include a pair of drumsticks, DC 2V adaptor, and 2 footpads

It's lightweight and portable

Allows to customize, create and record their own music

It can be connected to a PC or MAC