Portable Retro Style Bluetooth Speaker

Summer might be just the perfect season to start blasting some tunes and dance around like nobody’s watching! Sadly, that cannot be done with some simple phone speakers. Most of the speakers today can be really loud but they do not produce the quality sound every single one of us craves. This Portable Retro Style Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect solution to those kinds of problems. This little speaker has more power than most of the speakers nowadays. Its smart Bluetooth design enables the users to change tunes from a distance and have fun for a long time.

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Detailed information about Portable Retro Style Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker weights only 3.8 oz but contains 4w of power and a bass resonator that blasts songs loud and clear. Plus, the built-in 3D dynamic sound effect makes the speakers seem like they are packed with professional quality delivering concert like sound. Now, anyone who has a Bluetooth capable phone can DJ the party with their favorite artists. The battery lasts up to 12 hours, around 300 songs, which is the largest of any other Bluetooth speaker. It also works up to a 50ft range, so controlling the music from a distance will never be a problem. And as mentioned before, it works with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities. This includes iPhones, iPads, Samsung’s, Kindles, Tablets and even cars! Bad speakers and sounds will never be a problem ever again.