TOPHOME Headphone Cord Organizer

Tired of having to untangle your headphones every time you want to use them? Sick of having your brand new headphones break when the wires get bent in your pocket or bag? Look no further. TOPHOME has a nifty and stylish solution!

Their Cord Organizer is perfect for keeping your headphones, USBs and other small wires free from tangles. It’s made from real leather that’s been crafted into a simple, elegant design. The leather ensures durability as well as softness and beauty. The organizer features a thin, square panel and a thick strip of leather that clips down. You can use the organizer in two ways. Either by wrapping the cord around the square panel and securing the clip over them or by wrapping the cord around your fingers, then removing it and placing it on the panel before securing the clip over it. By opening the clip, you can easily release the cords with a gentle pull.

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Detailed information about TOPHOME Headphone Cord Organizer

It’s a great gift for anyone that uses technology but also for travelers. It’s small and can easily fit inside a pocket which is perfect when you want to keep your headphones handy. This is great for anyone that moves around a lot, especially on long-distance trips. It can be a hassle to pack and often times, people just throw their cords and headphones into a bag. There they get tangled with other objects and can even sometimes break, which is an absolute pain, on a long flight. But TOPHOME’s Cord Organizer assures the safety of your more delicate cords. One less thing to worry about when traveling!

This gift is fabulous for anyone and for all ages. It makes a wonderful gift for children! They love the fun aspect of the design. Plus, parents are pleased when they don’t have to buy replacement headphones. It’s definitely a money saver! Think of all the times you’ve spent money on headphones and cords. Now, with TOPHOME you won’t ever have to buy new headphones or a cord again!