Jewelry Metal Tree Stand

You have probably faced the annoyance that comes with looking for a specific pair of earrings.

Most of the time, you cannot remember where you last placed them or left them. This can be frustrating especially if you are looking for a pair that matches your outfit.

If you recognized this situation you probably need an organizer where you can keep and trace each when you need.

There are many designs of jewelry stand, but you can throw in some style and choose a unique design.

This treestand jewelry organizer would come in handy and can be a beautiful gift for someone that needs it as well. A perfect girlfriend gift for any occasion!

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Detailed information about Jewelry Metal Tree Stand

As the name says, the organizer comes in the shape of a tree with holes and branches designed to hold your jewelry.

The stand can hold over 30 pairs of earrings and many bracelets and necklaces.

There is no particular order in how you should organize them. But, you can have each piece of a pair stay close together, so it is easy to trace them once you need them.

With this organizer, you will no longer waste time trying to detangle necklaces and finding your favorite pair of earrings.

It is free standing, and you can place it anywhere you like. It stays in place without scratching the furniture underneath.

It also adds some life to your dresser and motivates you to keep all your jewelry organized.


Practical and durable item

Made of high quality materials