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The Kimchi Cookbook: 60 Traditional & Modern Recipes

Kimchi is a Korean food originally made from fermented and salted cabbage and radish. These days, however, there are as many different types of Kimchi as there are vegetables and combinations of vegetables. At the last count, there are over 180 different recognised types of Kimchi and the Koreans are the masters of preparing and producing Kimchi varieties.

It is widely believed that the number of types of Kimchi available is probably unlimited as the Koreans can make Kimchi out of anything edible. This book written by Lauryn Chun and Olga Massov is a book of ways to prepare and eat Kimchi that will add flavour to any meal.


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Detailed information about The Kimchi Cookbook: 60 Traditional & Modern Recipes

The recipes in this book follow the seasons and deal with the produce available at that season. In a land and in an era when electrical refrigerators were not available, Kimchi (pickling, salting and fermenting produce) was the only way to preserve food to ensure that the population did not starve during the unproductive seasons.

The authors explore the different flavors and techniques for creating this live-culture foodstuff, from the heavily fermented winter Kimchi to the light and easy to make summer Kimchi.

There are spicy versions using chilli peppers and garlic and unspiced versions simply using cabbage and cucumber and this book has them all as well as many more recipes. This book uses sixty recipes, together with colorful and glossy photographs that will surely heighten the foodie’s experience of traditional and modern Korean Kimchi cuisine.


It is available as a hardcover or in Kindle format so it will be suitable for those who like to read paper or those who prefer their books in electronic format

There are so many different types of Kimchi that the foodie’s mealtimes will never be boring again