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Deer Meadow Toothpick Holder by Qualy Design

Many people have a container of toothpicks on the dinner table for guests to use but often complain of its lack of hygiene. If the toothpicks are kept in a traditional open top container, there is nothing to prevent them from being touched by clumsy fingers trying to grasp a single toothpick and they are also open to the atmosphere so are likely to collect all sorts of germs.

The Deer Meadow Toothpick Holder by Qualy Design is an ideal quirky kitchen or dining table gift.

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Detailed information about Deer Meadow Toothpick Holder by Qualy Design

It comes as a green ABS plastic container with a clear acrylic plastic lid. The lid has a small hole drilled in the center just large enough for a single toothpick to be dispensed when the container is turned upside down.

Once the toothpicks have all been used up, the empty container is compatible with most wooden toothpicks you can buy. The container comes packaged with eco-friendly recycled and recyclable paper.



This is a lovely and useful little container to make the storage and dispensing of toothpicks perfectly hygienic

The toothpicks are made from sustainable hardwood trees

The container is made from ABS and acrylic rigid plastic

Everything is fully washable and will keep the toothpicks completely clean at all times

Made by Qualy Design, one of Thailand’s leading design houses