Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Trio

Hot sauce is food’s perfect mate, wouldn’t you agree? Perfect to use on just about anything, it is the perfect sauce to kick up any dish. Did you know how many versions of hot sauce there are out there? So many, and this particular set is totally unique and makes for a perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking (or loves eating!).

This trio comes with three homemade hot sauces- spicy honey, spicy maple, and gochujang sriracha. All are unique, spicy flavors that anyone would love to add to their pantry and collection of sauces.

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Detailed information about Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Trio

What is so great about hot sauces is that you can either incorporate them into recipes, or you can just toss them on top of any meal! Perfect for the great chefs and the amateur ones, and everyone in between! If you are shopping for someone who enjoys spicy food, they are sure to love these hot sauces. Each one is totally unique in flavor, and half the fun will be experimenting to see what tastes best with what meals!

This is an excellent gift to give to your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, friends, a coworker - just about anyone! This is a great gift that fits just about anyone on your list and works for any occasion. Do you know someone who is starting to really get into cooking? This luxury trio is the perfect addition to their collection and is sure to help inspire them to put together some excellent new meals.