DIY Kimchi Kit by Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi

Almost everyone wishes to impress their loved ones with gifts to celebrate the holiday season. This pressure to ‘impress’ can certainly make it challenging to get the perfect gift for the holidays, or any other special occasions. Here is a great secret for gifting that will guarantee you a hit. Food gift. Yes, you heard right! You will never go wrong with food gifts as we all somehow love to indulge in tasty foods, especially exotic ones.

This DIY Kimchi Kit from Mother-in-law’s kimchi will, without doubt, make a perfect gift to a loved or a special friend. Kimchi is a favorite dish to many people and popular traditional cuisine in Korea. Most people have discovered this tasty condiment, but then it might be hard to get in the regular restaurants. Why not bring it closer to them by gifting them with this an easy to follow recipe from Mother-in-laws Kimchi kit.

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Detailed information about DIY Kimchi Kit by Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi

It would be such a pleasure to watch a loved one prepare this Korean delicacy in their kitchen. The Mother-In-Law's kit contains everything needed to make a tasty and spicy probiotic-rich kimchi right in the confines of their home. Well, if you can't take them to Korea, you can bring Korea into their doorstep! This awesome DIY kit comes with four steps which will guide one to make a tasty Kimchi easily.

The instructions are well written and are pretty easy to follow. They are also customizable meaning you make the Kimchi acquire the taste of your desire. The ingredients are well detailed on the kit, and the jar comes with a 1-quarter glass jar, Korean premium red chili pepper flakes known as "gochugaru” which are the Koreans finest, and Korean fish sauce.


Comes with easy to follow instructions

The kit comes with essential ingredients for making Kimchi enough to produce 4 quarts

Comes beautifully packaged in a glass jar