Cool Reminders: Freudian Slips Sticky Notes Booklet

Our days are becoming increasingly filled with information we need to remember. Special dates, things to do for school or work, what to buy at the grocery store and the list just goes on. And even though our phones and laptops have applications for reminders and notes, sometimes we forget to check or worse, our devices are out of battery. The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild knows the value of a good sticky note and they’ve designed one that’s even more clever, the Freudian Slips Sticky Notes Booklet. It’s the perfect gift for those people that are always forgetting things!

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Detailed information about Cool Reminders: Freudian Slips Sticky Notes Booklet

These sticky notes will help you organize your day. Everyone knows that remembering all the tasks we have to do every day is not easy. Our brain is constantly at work trying to figure out the best course of action to get everything done. With these sticky notes, you can help your brain remember everything by placing little reminders all over your house. They can stick to pretty much any surface whether it’s grocery lists on the fridge or a list of all the people you have to call back, attached to your phone or computer monitor.