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Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

When someone who has meant something special to a person while they were alive finally passes on, it is often comforting for the remaining relative to keep a memento of the deceased such as a lock of hair, some of the cremated remains or a dried funeral flower close to their heart and within easy reach for comfort.

This jewelry from Perfect Memorials is the perfect gift to give to a friend or relative who wants to keep a piece of the deceased near to them. The item is a hollow pendant that is just big enough to hold a piece of the deceased such as a lock of hair, a dried flower or some of the cremated ashes.

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Detailed information about Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

The pendant is about 0.75” wide x 1.25” high while the sterling silver plated chain is about 20” long. All the items come in a presentation box, and a funnel is also supplied to help insert the memento into the cavity. All these items help make this a remembrance gift to cherish.

The hollow inside of the piece is sealed with a threaded screw and the manufacturer recommends that if the seal is meant to be permanent then it is advised to use some model making or epoxy type glue on the thread.

If a person was particularly close to a grandparent or some other relation then it is a lovely thought to place a memento inside the pendant so that they can always be near to their loved one’s remains as well as keeping them in their heart.


Made from real sterling silver

The cavity inside the pendant can be sealed permanently if required