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Grandma You’re the Best!: Humorous Quotes Celebrating Brilliant Grandmothers

Does your grandmother have a funny bone and an appreciation for a good joke? The “Grandma, You’re the Best” Book of Quotes is full of humorous, witty quotes sure to entertain readers from the first page to the last. All of the humor in this volume is related to grandmothers, presenting a light-hearted, fun tribute to the special role that grandmothers play in all of our lives. This heartfelt collection includes 300 hand-picked quotes that are not only sure to bring a laugh to any readers, but also celebrate the mark that grandmothers impart on us.

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Contributors of these humorous and often sage quotes include celebrities, public figures, proverbs, and timeless quotes. Compiled by author Adrian Besley, there is sure to be something for everyone. The quotes include those from movies, books, the music industry, comedians, and much more. Sure to cheer you up or keep you entertained any time you decide to give it a reader, “Grandma, You’re the Best” doesn’t just hold appeal for grandmothers themselves, but also anyone who has a special relationship with their grandparent. This book can be shared and read aloud from grandmother to grandchild, or kept on the bookshelf for rainy day entertainment. Let your grandmother know that you value her wisdom and those that came before her by giving her this amazing collection of quotes.