ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star USB Wall Charger

If you are a fan of a show, you would most probably want to try out the theme and keep the memories of it alive. Not only will you have something to explain the movie, but also keep a piece of art that you will absolutely love. Star Wars, in this case, has plenty of stuff for its fans while ensuring what they get is useful in their day-to-day lives. On this note, one of the products in this theme is the Star Wars Death Star USB charger. It works as fine as others would do and can be a thoughtful gift for any Star Wars fans.

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Detailed information about ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star USB Wall Charger

The USB charger is suitable for wall plugin and can fit into any standard socket. It has a bright grey color with a charging mode light at the front. The Death Star remains on as long as it is plugged on to the wall; even when no device is charging. It is compatible with most devices.

The basics are if your phone or any other device accepts USB cables then this charger will work fine. It is dual voltage 110-220v. More to this, the design allows easy -plugging and removing from the socket. Unlike the usual chargers, this one has a round shape which gives it a unique touch.