SEIRAA Mother In Law Pearl Bracelet

Mothers are special, and no matter how much we appreciate them, it can never be enough. They deserve a little treat even now and for them to thank them for being part of our lives. On this note, the gift you select should reflect the occasion in mind and relate to her style.

This bracelet from Seiraa is designed for the moms in your life. It is incredibly beautiful and can make a lovely gift for the mother of the bride, a mom-in-law or any other mother figure. The detail makes it suitable for different styles.


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Detailed information about SEIRAA Mother In Law Pearl Bracelet

How unique is this bracelet? It has one of the few exciting designs in the bracelet jewelry class. The pearl design makes it unique for a special mom. The pearl design includes round rhinestone bead spacers that add on to the gloss and style. The off-white color makes it suitable as a wedding gift for the mother of the groom and bride without breaking the color themes.

Each bracelet has a small heart pendant attached at the end of the clasp area. It is designed with a printed detail carrying the mom title of it. There is a selection for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. The pendants are removable to allow the use of the bracelet after the wedding. It has a long adjusting chain to fix the clasp for a perfect fit.