Mother in Law Gifts

Is there anyone you want to please more in life than your mother-in-law? Okay, maybe there are a few people that top her on your list, but she is likely pretty high up! Combined with the pressure you likely feel to get the perfect gift, it can be stressful come her birthday or the holidays. Mother-in-law gifts are a very specific type of gift, as you never want to make a bad impression or overstep any boundaries. Depending on how relaxed she is, the wrong present may make family dinners a bit more tense going forward (okay, we are being a little dramatic!) Regardless, you want the gift to be perfect and for her to understand that you care about her! Thankfully, we have compiled this list of ideal gifts great for any mother-in-law, from more serious ones to the lighthearted ones who are the life of the party, and everyone in between!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Mother-In-Law Gift

Shopping for a gift for your mother-in-law? Of course, you want it to be perfect. Keep these ten things in mind while shopping for the perfect gift for her!

1. Always be respectful

The most important thing to keep in mind when getting a present for your mother-in-law: Be respectful! Now, of course, it is never anyone’s intention to be disrespectful when purchasing a gift, but the fact is that that can sometimes happen by mistake.

Instead, make sure you are getting her a gift that she will enjoy and won’t make her uncomfortable.

Think about what she would want to receive as a gift, not what you would like to receive! When in doubt, check with your spouse for assurance that you are on the right track!

2. Give the gift of an experience

No matter your budget you can pick something that she is sure to enjoy- dream as big as a weekend getaway trip, or pick a nice restaurant to take her to lunch. It isn’t about the money spent, but the time spent together!

3. Compliment her hobbies

Does she enjoy cooking or gardening? Travel? Think about her favorite thing to do, and get her a gift that will help her with that.

You are guaranteed that she will like the gift, and it shows that you know about her and took the time to find her something she will actually like (and not just the first thing you saw at the store).

4. Help her relax

Who doesn’t need to find more time to relax? This is always a great gift idea that any busy mother-in-law is sure to benefit from.

From an at-home spa set to scented oils, candles, and more, there are so many options to choose from, and she is sure to love them all!

5. Join in with family

Don’t feel like you have to figure out the perfect gift on your own, join with your spouse and the rest of her family to come up with ideas or to pool your resources to get your new mom a really nice gift that she will appreciate.

6. Never re-gift

Your mother-in-law remembers everything! If you have an old gift laying around, unless you are 100% sure you did not get it from her, do not give it to her as a present!

That is a major error in any situation, but especially when it comes to your mother-in-law. The last thing you want to do is end up on her bad side!

7. Be careful with clothing

The last thing you want to do is offend your mother-in-law. With that said, if you are not sure of her clothing size, consider getting her something else.

You do not want to run the risk of getting her something that doesn’t fit, which will make her (and you) feel terrible.

8. Bond with her

Consider getting her something that she can enjoy with you - that way she is getting two gifts in one - the gift itself, and the time with you! Say you get her a recipe book, make the effort to go over one day and cook with her!

That will make the gift that much more thoughtful (and definitely earn you bonus points!)

9. Jewelry is always great

You can’t go wrong with buying woman jewelry - you just can’t! If you have totally run out of ideas to get for your mother-in-law, consider getting her a nice piece of jewelry.

Make sure you get her something she will wear - don’t buy her earrings if her ears aren’t pierced!

If you aren’t sure of her size for a ring or a bracelet, either ask a family member or go with something like a necklace or earrings where size isn’t as important.

10. Splurge for her

Does your mother-in-law never spend money on herself? Is there something she has always wanted or hinted at? Now is the time to pick up those hints!

Get her that fancy perfume or dress that she would never buy for herself - not only do you know she will enjoy it, but she will also appreciate that you remembered and were paying attention to her when she was discussing items she likes.

Appropriate Gifts for a Mother in Law

Buying gifts for family members is always a big deal. After all, who do you care about more than family? In particular, getting married brings you an entirely new set of the family that you now have to think about come birthdays or the holidays.

And that is not a bad thing! Having more people in your life to make memories with is a great thing, and giving a gift is one way to show that you care.

Mothers-in-law are very specific family members that you certainly want to impress and make feel special.

Whether you live close to her or are far away, a gift can help prove to her that you are thinking about her no matter what. Nothing in life is more important than family, and over holidays and special occasions is really the time to show that.

How to Pick the Perfect Item

So, how do you pick the perfect item? That is where we come in! We have compiled this list of gift ideas that are perfect and appropriate to give to your mother-in-law.

Is she serious? Is she funny? Is she incredibly busy and in need of some relaxation? No matter what, you can find a gift that she is sure to love.

Life can be stressful and family is not always perfect. Even if you have a more strained relationship with your mother-in-law, a gift can be a perfect way to try and mend your relationship.

It is never a bad idea to get someone a gift, and it can work wonders to repair relationships!

If it is her birthday or the holidays, consider getting her a unique gift that will prove that you do care about her and took the time to find her something nice. It is sure to be appreciated.

If you have absolutely no idea what to get her, don’t worry. We have thought of everything and made sure that everything on our list is a perfect gift that is appropriate as well.

While there is a range of categories we cover, we still made sure that all items are mother-in-law approved!

Show Your Mother in Law You Care!

Show your mother-in-law that you do care about her and are thinking about her by getting her something special.

Is Mother’s Day coming up? Don’t forget about your in-law. Get her a gift as well to really show you appreciate her and are thinking of her. She is sure to appreciate it. Start looking today!

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