Inspirational “Maid of Honor” Bracelet

One of the best things you can do to the lady that gives out so much time into the planning of the wedding is getting her a simple appreciation gift. This does not mean going over and beyond finding fancy gifts to impress. The simplest of them all can go a long way and, it is the thought that counts.

This bracelet from Me Plus can be the small gift you haven’t found for your maid of honor. It can work well to put together a proposal package to a friend you wish to take up the maid of honor role. It is a simple yet, elegant piece that will impress her and put a smile on her face.

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Detailed information about Inspirational “Maid of Honor” Bracelet

The bracelet is made of high-quality brass material. It is thin and has a circumference of 7.25 inches. This size is suitable for most people including those with full wrists. It has a glossy rose gold shine which matches wedding themes as well as daily outfit choices. The design features a hook closure which makes it easy to wear.

It comes with a ‘maid of honor’ tag around the circumference adding a personal touch to the plain bracelet. The oval shape makes it comfortable to wear and certainly easy to bear for a long time. Indeed, it is an ideal gift for the maid of honor.


  • Quality bracelet material
  • Beautiful engraving
  • Hook closure design
  • None