Foodie Dice® by Two Tumbleweeds

It is safe to say that everyone loves food. And if not, you still need food to survive. Whether you are a fan of takeout food or not, there are some days that you would rather save your money and cook at home. But you are clueless as to what you want to make! You have all the ingredients in your fridge, but you can’t think of one thing to create.

If this sounds like a familiar scene to someone close to you, then we have found the perfect and extremely fun solution for them. Presenting the Foodie Dice by Two Tumbleweeds!

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Detailed information about Foodie Dice® by Two Tumbleweeds

A set of dice that decides what you are having for dinner in a single throw. How does it work? Well, it works just like a normal dice would. In this dice set, you get 5 pieces of dice that feature the usual things needed in your dinners like carb choice, protein, herb and cooking method.

It also features a bonus ingredient you can opt to add in your concoction. You also get another 4 dice that features seasonal veggies.


Unexpected and cool little gift for people who love to eat and cook food

A great way to come up with dinner when you are busy or have no idea what to make

Lightweight and easy to store away with its bag


A little pricey for a set of dice but it is well worth the money if you will use it all the time