Mother of the Bride Gifts

Mothers are deserving of a lot of love, don’t you agree? If you are getting married, you should consider browsing mother of the bride gifts to thank her for all she has done. Run out of ideas? We’ve got you covered! Are you, or is someone you know, getting married? How exciting! This is a wonderful phase of life to go through. Part of what makes weddings so special is the people involved. And no, we aren’t just talking about the bride and groom (although they are pretty important!). Friends and family are a huge part of the wedding, both on the day of, and in the months leading up. There is one particular person who is incredibly important, and that is the mother of the bride! Not only does she work so hard to give her daughter the perfect wedding, but she has also worked hard her entire life to raise her daughter and get her to the point she is at today. Take a look at our mother of the bride gifts and choose a little present that will make her smile!

10 Things to Consider When Looking at Mother of the Bride Gifts

1. Don’t overshadow the bride

Whether you are the bride or not, always remember to not overshadow the bride on her wedding day.

Not only is that disrespectful to the bride, but her mother will also feel very uncomfortable taking away any limelight on her daughter’s big day!

If you are the bride, you don’t need to worry about this. You do what feels right and give your mother whatever gift you want- she will love it!

2. It’s okay to be sentimental

Is there any better time to be sentimental than around the time of a wedding? It is okay to tap into your emotions when getting the perfect mother of the bride gift.

Consider framing your favorite picture of you both, or going back in time and finding old pictures that will remind her of how you were as a child. This will make her cry!

Make sure you give it to her before the day of the wedding (or if on the day of the wedding - not once she’s gotten her makeup done!).

3. Get her something for the day of

A great mother of the bride gift is to get her something she can wear on the big day where she is in fact the mother of the bride.

Obviously, she will already have her dress and shoes picked out, but a nice piece of jewelry that she can wear on the day of is incredibly thoughtful and she will always remember the day whenever she wears the jewelry again in the future.

Make sure you wait until she’s picked out her outfit so that you can get her something that will match!

4. Personalize it

No matter what gift idea you come up with, consider personalizing the gift to make it even more special.

Whether that means getting something engraved or monogrammed, either way, it adds a wonderfully unique touch to any item and ensures it is truly hers.

This also turns the gift into a keepsake from the wedding as well, which she will surely love.

5. Gift sets are great

When in doubt, a nice gift set can be the perfect way to say thank you to your mom.

Whether it is a perfume set, candles, or a spa set that will help her relax, this is a great idea that will come at just the perfect time.

After the stress of the wedding, she will need to take some time to relax!

6. Consider a mother/daughter gift

If you are the bride, consider getting something that has one part for you and one part for her. This is a very special gift idea that she will absolutely love.

Whether it is a two-piece necklace or bracelet set, or even matching rings or matching clothes, she will love that you and her both have the same thing.

A mother will always want to be close to her daughter, and a joint gift like this is an easy way to show that you will always want to be close to mom too!

7. Help her relax

This gets its own line because it is so important. As the mother of the bride, you are faced with a lot of tasks that can get stressful, not to mention having to deal with the emotions of seeing your daughter get married.

When it is all over, it will be time to relax! Whether you get her something to have a nice spa day at home, or if you treat her to a spa day out, either way, it will force her to take some time for herself, something she totally deserves.

8. Pop some bubbly

If your mother drinks alcohol, it makes for a great gift! Get her a nice bottle of champagne or wine to thank her for all she has done.

If you’re lucky, she’ll share it with you! Either way, it is a wonderful gift that she will certainly enjoy and appreciate, especially after all the stress of planning.

9. Send her flowers

Flowers are always a great option to send to mom! Thankfully, the flower industry has improved a lot over the years, so we recommend doing more than stopping by your local grocery store and grabbing the first thing you see.

What are her favorite flowers? Try to get her a flower bouquet that is specific to her and what she likes. It’ll be such a nice surprise when they come in the mail!

10. Include a handwritten element

Lastly, no matter what you get for the mother of the bride, consider adding in a handwritten element. And no, saying ‘I love you mom’ isn’t good enough!

Write her a short note or letter and express your appreciation for the work she has done. In all honesty, she will probably like this better than the actual gift itself.

Not only will she have this letter to hold onto, but she’ll also really feel loved and appreciated - and that is the whole point of getting her a gift!

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Mother of The Bride Gifts Guide 2019

Weddings are always so wonderful and exciting, but let’s face it, they can be stressful too!

There is so much to plan and remember, not to mention how expensive the whole occasion can be.

From start to finish, it takes a lot of time, money, and energy to make it happen.

While it is totally worth it in order to have the perfect day, it is also nice to be appreciated for all the hard work!

In particular, the mother of the bride works incredibly hard to make sure the wedding day goes absolutely perfect. Once the wedding is all over, she deserves to relax.

While the mother of the bride doesn’t get to go off on the honeymoon, she does deserve to relax and is deserving of appreciation for how hard she worked to make the wedding happen.

Mother of the bride gifts is a perfect way to say thank you and show how much you appreciate all of her hard work.

Whether you are the bride and are wanting to thank your mother, or if you are part of the wedding party or know a mother of the bride very well, anyone can show their appreciation for how hard mom has worked.

What To Get the Mother of the Bride?

If you aren’t sure what the perfect mother of the bride gift is, don’t worry. We have created this list of gifts that any busy mother would love to receive as a thank you gift.

From luxurious items she would never buy herself, to comfortable items she’ll love to relax in, to more fun gifts, sentimental gifts, and a lot more, we’ve thought of everything!

A Gift for Every Type of Woman

It can be difficult for a mother to let go of her daughter, and as happy as she will, of course, be on her wedding day, there is some sadness involved too. She is saying goodbye to her little girl!

Sometimes, a thoughtful gift can help her get through the emotional rollercoaster that is her daughter’s wedding day.

Are you the bride? Consider a sentimental gift for her that will remind her of you as you start your new married life. She is sure to love it and appreciate it.

If you know the mother of the bride and are in need of the perfect gift for her, take a look at our list of gift ideas and see what you find.

No matter her personality, you can find something appropriate on this list that she is sure to love.

All of her energy and attention has gone to her daughter, and now it is time to show her some love and appreciation. What are you waiting for- start looking today!