Pink Cacti Live Indoor Plant

Mothers are known for their caring nature. Hungry? No problem – mom will fix you a meal that can feed 5 people. Feeling sick? Don’t worry, mom will be by your bedside and also give you everything you need while you rest in bed. Can’t find something? Mom knows that the thing you are looking for is in your bedroom, the third drawer of your dresser, under your band t-shirts.

Now that you are all grown up, you might want to give your dear mother a token of appreciation come any occasion that calls for it. This time, why not give her something unexpected and living? And by living, we mean something that she can still nurture and sustain even without that much attention. We think your mom will really enjoy this pink Cacti Indoor plant.

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Detailed information about Pink Cacti Live Indoor Plant

However, new growth from the cacti will not be pink but will be the usual white spines. Aside from the 4 inch Desert Gems cacti you get, it also comes with a cute pot for added sweetness!

You also do not have to worry about potting the cacti as it comes in a nice plastic pot with porous decorative rock. Worried about mom prickling herself on the cacti? You don’t need to!


Unique, beautiful color

Easy to care for

Small, so it can fit any table, shelf, etc.