Women’s Libation!: Cocktails to Celebrate a Woman’s Right to Booze

At last! This is a book to celebrate both strong women and even stronger cocktails. This lovely little book entitled “Women’s Libation!: Cocktails to Celebrate a Woman’s  Right to Booze” by Merrily Grashin will educate the reader about authors, artists revolutionaries and great thinkers and make the lady of the house a better hostess at the same time.

The book is brilliantly hand illustrated with funny sketches and drawings to show off the occasional awful pun. This is a book containing a collection of classic cocktails brought up to date with vigor and finesse and original drawings. This is a book in which the author inspires all women to break the rules when it comes to drinking booze.

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This book is well written and well-illustrated by the author who has a penchant for awful  but clever puns but extremely good cocktail recipes. The reader just won’t want to wait to try them all. All the recipes are inspired by the lives of women’s rights activists, women leaders, women’s health and much more. As well as the recipe for each cocktail there is a little piece of prose describing the person or event that created the inspiration.

There is no doubt about it but the reader will love every minute of the journey through this wonderful little book. Ms Grashin is able to combine feminist history yet keep it light, funny and clever to read.


This clever book is a brilliant combination of feminist activism, cocktail recipes and humorous illustrations

A well written book by a knowledgeable author who knows her stuff and is able to get the message across in a fun way