Horizontal Photo Snow Globe

Nothing quite brings back the memories of childhood like a snow globe.  This product “The Horizontal Photo Snow Globe” from Neil Enterprises Inc. will satisfy the yearning for one of those old-fashioned snow globes of someone’s childhood.

These have that same old-fashioned feel about them with the addition of something modern as well. The product holds two 3” x 2” landscape orientated photographs, one to be viewed on each side of the snow globe. If the recipient of this lovely nostalgic gift wants to change the photos all they do is remove the black base panel and insert the photographs.

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Detailed information about Horizontal Photo Snow Globe

It is really easy to assemble and is made from a super duper, durable, clear and hard plastic. This snow globe is a lovely way to display special and personal photos. Why not give one to a special friend or member of your family already fitted with a photo special to both of you?

There is no doubt about it, a snow globe is such a sentimental gift anyway that the addition of a personal photo will really make it special. And if the recipient decides to change the picture then that isn’t a problem either. Just follow the simple instructions and the job is done.

Give this gift to your parents or grandparents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or give it to your grown up kids on their wedding day. How about giving one on the birth of each of their children? All that is required is to place a photo of the baby inside for it to mean something really special.


You can fit bigger formats of pictures

The snowball can be placed as a winter decoration

It is practical and thoughtful gift