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Datacolor Spyder 5EXPRESS

If you have someone in your family who loves digital photography, either with a digital camera or a smartphone, then they will probably have come across a problem that has been plaguing amateur photographers for as long as digital photography has been popular.

How do you make sure that the image on the computer screen and the image on paper print show the same colors as the real object that has been photographed? Computer monitors always display colors differently from real life and in fact, no two monitors will show the same hues anyway. This always means that both monitors and the printed medium very rarely show the correct true to life colors. This can cost the photographer a lot of time and money when they have to print, adjust, print again, adjust and so on. This is such a waste of printer ink and paper and the photographer can become so frustrated at the lack of calibration and compatibility between the different media.

This is where the Spyder 5EXPRESS from Datacolor comes into its own.

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Detailed information about Datacolor Spyder 5EXPRESS

The handy and easily used S5X100 can calibrate all of your photographer’s laptop and desktop monitors for better print matching by comparing the highlights and shadow in an image. The Spyder5 is readily portable and really compact and has a built-in lens cap to protect the all important lens when it isn’t in use.

The calibration takes just minutes once a month to achieve exceptional color accuracy using the pre-set images supplied. There is no need to learn color management theory as the professionals do, the software does it for you and guides the user through the process step by step, explaining all the difficult concepts along the way in the easiest way possible.


This is a great colorimeter aimed at the hobbyist photographer

It will calibrate the images on the computer monitor so that the prints are correct first time

The user gets a free 90 day trial for Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

This is really easy to use