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TAWA Picnic Backpack Bag for 4 Persons With Cooler Compartment

Spring is here, and the weather is perfect for family outings. Quality time with the people you love is worth more than an expensive trip by yourself. But, like any occasion, you ought to plan and sort out the necessary. For picnics, you may need plenty of items to have a successful one.

Think of the utensils, a bottle of wine, a suitable carrier and a mat. All these can cost you much more if you decide to buy one at a time. Why not get this backpack from Tawa which comes ready to use. Also, get one as a gift to your loved ones and share the lovely moments together.


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Detailed information about TAWA Picnic Backpack Bag for 4 Persons With Cooler Compartment

The bag comes with various compartments to arrange all your supplies. You can fit in knives, forks, spoons and wine glasses all I one place. Also, you can pack your plates, paper towels and other items you wish in this one bag. The advantage is each piece has its dedicated area with tightly stitched bands to hold everything in the right place.

Other supplies include a plastic chopping board, salt and pepper shakers, bottle opener and cotton napkins. With all these, you have all you need for your picnic. The best thing is that each item comes in fours hence suitable for a family outing. The bag has a premium insulation lining to keep the food warm or cold for a more extended period.