Norpro Nonstick Pig Shaped Pancake Pan: Nonsticky Pan!

Make these NorPro Nonstick Pancake Pans a must have in your household, especially if you have kids. These adorable pans come in four different shapes and they help you make awesome pancakes. There is a Pig Pancake Pan, Monkey Pancake Pan, Heart Pancake Pan and Bear Pancake Pan. Bring those viral Facebook and Pinterest DIY pancakes to life with these easy to use, non-stick coated pans that are sure to make your pancakes the most famous on the block. Just put the battery in and you will have a fun pig, monkey, heart, or bear embossed into your pancake.

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Detailed information about Norpro Nonstick Pig Shaped Pancake Pan: Nonsticky Pan!

The pan is 10.5 inches in length and the nonstick coating is FDA approved. You do have to flip the pancake though. Many people were able to flip it right back into the pan and get the face or heart in both sides of the pancake. Some people do opt to use a second pan if they only want the face on one side. It will make your mornings fun and enjoyable, especially if you have kids in the house! You can even learn how to make pancakes together and spend some quality time with your kids!