Nutella Engraved Spoon

A gift doesn’t always have to leave a huge dent in your pocket. You can get creative with under $10 gift and create a lasting impression. Besides, don’t they say it’s the thought that always counts? In that spirit, why don’t you celebrate a special someone in your life with this Nutella engraved spoon by Gifttoys?

The love for Nutella is understandable. You can put this delicious spread on just about anything, well, maybe not just anything, but it makes it acceptable to indulge in chocolate every morning, and it’s a fact that hazelnuts are crazily delicious. So, is there a better way to honor this sugary spread that we are pretty sure your spouse or friend loves than to let her have this Nutella spoon?

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Detailed information about Nutella Engraved Spoon

This will be a sweet gift for just about any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, or a random pick me up because, well, it’s a Nutella spoon. Aside from being a sweet gift, this visually striking spoon is equally functional.

Give this spoon to your girlfriend or best friend on Valentine's Day perhaps to remind them that they are the sweetest thing to ever happen to you to just like the Nutella symbol on this spoon. The text on the spoon is meant to inspire a special someone in your life in different ways.


A quality spoon made of stainless steel

It has a unique design

Engraved using a quality machine