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Mud Pie Guacamole Serving Dish Set

Here is a perfect little gift to welcome a new neighbor to your hood. Or an ideal housewarming gift to give to the hostess. Or a befitting little gift for newlyweds or any other loved ones in your life. We are talking about this beautiful guacamole serving dish set from Mud Pie. It will exceed your expectations and certainly those of the one who receives it. The whole set is amazingly gorgeous, a perfect little gift for the people you adore and care about.

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Detailed information about Mud Pie Guacamole Serving Dish Set

There is something about avocados that makes guacamole everyone's favorite. What a beautiful way of serving guacamole in this all-white dish that adorably invites you to wipe everything clean with the equally adorable spoon that comes with it? Nothing beats the above scenario, and so, if you are looking for a home or office gift for a friend, a family member or a colleague, this 2-piece set will without a doubt be a hit. It's adorable, it's super cute, and most importantly it's skillfully and meticulously designed to beautiful bowl.

The bowl which measures about 3" X6" wide is made from ceramic with a dimple textured exterior which gives it a unique flair and a beautiful appearance. Its appropriately deep like a cup and you can be assured that it will hold just the right amount of the delicious guacamole or even soup depending on what is put inside.

What a sweet way of serving guacamole? Alongside the bowl, Mud Pie packs an adorable silver spoon stamped with a nice caption that reads "holy guacamole." This whole set is meant to make your guacamole moments precious and memorable.


A high-quality bowl made from a ceramic material

The exterior is designed with a beautiful dimpled texture

It comes with a silver-plated spoon

Both the spoon and the bowl have a beautiful guacamole print