Bits and Pieces – Ceramic Cat Measuring Spoons

This just may be the most adorable set of measuring spoons ever made!

Yes, that’s right – the most adorable ceramic set ever made. With this ceramic cat spoons cooking in the kitchen will never be the same!

Produced by Bits and Pieces, they are made to be durable and practical as well.

They feature high-quality ceramic material and are made to cool cute and appealing.

There is nothing similar to these and they will make an amazing gift for a baker or a family member that loves cooking deserts!

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Detailed information about Bits and Pieces – Ceramic Cat Measuring Spoons

The spoons are ceramic and are not meant to be used in the microwave.

They are more breakable than their plastic counterparts so they should be used with caution. For storage, they stack and nest together perfectly.

Their adorable appearance makes them look like they are really cuddling together.

The measurements for each spoon can be found on their tail. The cups come in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup measurements.

Each cup is a different color coming in tan, light blue, dark grey and light grey. The largest cup has a 4" diameter.


Made of high quality ceramic

Perfect for measuring while cooking