KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Long Distance Message

Sometimes it can be hard for a couple to feel relevant and present in each other’s day to day life when they are separated by many miles for weeks or months at a time. The daily affirmations of love and support are just harder to come by.

This KindNotes KeepsakeGift Jar is a unique way to send a message of love and support to that special someone each and every day, no matter how far apart and no matter for how long.

The lovely keepsake jar comes with preprinted messages, the purpose of which is to allow couples that are separated for extended periods of time to remain a daily part of each other’s lives.

This keepsake item makes the perfect long distance gift!

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Detailed information about KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Long Distance Message

The love messages are meant to be opened once a day to provide love and support no matter the distance between the pair.

Each message of love is printed in a unique cursive font made to look authentically handwritten, adding an even more personal touch.

This gift is available in over 30 colors and designs, so finding the most personal one with the most meaning to each other is easy.

There are 31 note cards with messages of love, support, and devotion that is meant for that special someone.


Available in several different designs and colors

Different message options are also available, including blank notecards for writing personal messages

The beautiful glass jar makes a lovely keepsake once emptied