Makeblock mBot Kit – Build A Robot at Home!

Do you have a kid in your life that is smart, resourceful, and loves to try new things? Maybe they like solving problems or building things or just use their hands. The Makeblock mBot Kit is an awesome gift for a kid that is equally as awesome. The Makeblock mBot Kit is a build your own robot for kids. They can also program it to help jump-start learning coding and other math and science skills. This is meant as a fun and educational kit that will jump start your kids STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) life.

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Detailed information about Makeblock mBot Kit – Build A Robot at Home!

How fun is building a robot? The kids will learn about building, robotics, electronics, and programming (graphical). There are 38 parts that need to be assembled to build the robot. There is some wiring involved, but the Makeblock mBot uses RJ25 ports which make wiring easy and doable for small hands.

It comes with a graphical programming program and utilizes drag and drop graphics to help your kid learn some programming basics. The great part about the mBot is it can either be programmed via instructions to learn how to use it, or it can be completely customizable. There are options for it to follow a line and avoid obstacles. You can also play games with it including soccer, balloon bursting, and sumo. The fun just goes on and on!