Magnetic Levitating and Rotating Planet Earth Globe Ball with World Map

Here is something that would make an excellent gift for Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day. If you have been looking for a unique gift that will excite an engineer, scientist or tech-savvy person or even your boss, count yourself lucky because we just sourced for you one of the best gift ideas for this bunch.

This floating globe from ZJchao will look absolutely amazing on an office desk, in the living room space, on the fire mantle or in your bedroom as part of your dresser’s decoration. As a décor item, this magnetic levitation globe will become the centerpiece wherever it will be placed. It will certainly dazzle the space and raise tons of curiosity from anyone who sees it especially kids.

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Detailed information about Magnetic Levitating and Rotating Planet Earth Globe Ball with World Map

A look at this piece and you will instantly see the creativity and skills that went into its construction. It's designed with advanced magnetic technology which enables the suspended globe to float and rotate in the air all by itself. It floats on an ABS base against a C-Shaped magnetic levitation LED stand.

Anyone who comes close to this suspended magnetic levitation globe will be mesmerized and will definitely enjoy watching it rotate. The globe ball measures approximately 8 inches (D) and 12inches (H). From the measurements, it's quite sizeable, and it would be hard to miss it wherever it's displayed.


A great ornament or décor for office or home

The package comes with a power adapter, a magnetic levitation display stand, plastic spacer, and the globe ball

It's available in black, white and blue