Fitbit Alta: Steps and Run Tracker

In today’s society, working out and being healthy is a part of many people’s lives. Whether it is a quick jog in the morning, a few hours at the gym, or maybe even a small bike ride, exercising is just a big part of people’s lives. If you were to look, there are many devices out there that can help you track and monitor your health. Some of them, like the Apple Watch, for example, can be quite expensive at over $300. Well, what if there was a device that would give you all the things you want and need, but without the ‘extra’ stuff and the high price? There is, which is why we now would like to show you the Fitbit Alta!

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Detailed information about Fitbit Alta: Steps and Run Tracker

So you may have actually heard of the Alta, but have never actually learned what it was. The Alta is a wearable health and fitness tracker to put it in simplest terms. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Alta was designed and created under the Fitbit Company and boasts a very lightweight, simple to use, and sleek design. The Alta has everything you need without all the ‘extra’ things that are included in most Smartwatches. Keep in mind that the Alta is not a Smartwatch, it is a health and fitness tracker. So what does the Alta do? The Alta can do a variety of things such as tracking your steps for the day, tracking how many calories you ate and how many calories you burned, it tracks how many miles you have walked and so much more! The Alta can be easily set up using the charging cable, your smartphone, and the Fitbit Alta app. The Alta is water resistant not waterproof. What that entails is that it is sweat proof, rain proof, and shower proof. It is not made nor designed to withstand water submersion. On a full battery, the Alta can last for up to 5 days straight before needing to be charged back up again.