Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Introducing the gift that would surpass even the most of visionary sci-fi writer imagination. The Samsung smart home hub connects and seamlessly integrates a wide variety of devices within the home. It makes everyday life streamlined and hassle-free! This single Samsung device can be used to control a range of other smart devices such as thermostats, lights, speakers and more. This gift will become the central hub for all Wi-Fi enabled products and will make any techie feel like they are living the dream! With the Samsung smart home hub, people will feel the life of the future.

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Detailed information about Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

The Smart home hub can be simply connected to a Wi-Fi router and can be controlled with the SmartThings app which is available for both, iOS and Android. It can be connected to any number of other smart devices in the home. This device can be used to automatically program when the lights come on and off, adjust the thermostats in the house with the touch of a button and a lot of other features. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa - making the control over smart home devices easier than ever. Now the status of all appliances can be checked from work or during vacations. Welcome to the future!