Large Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board

Every kitchen needs a cutting or chopping board and the more unusual it is, the better it is appreciated. There are many ordinary antibacterial plastic cutting boards for sale but the bad thing about them is that they all look the same. No matter whose home you are in, if the cutting board they own is one of the mass-produced ones then the chances are that this person either does not appreciate quality handmade items or is hygiene conscious.

The large Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board from Speciality Wood Designs is one of the handmade types and as such is one of a kind. The wood is real, so the grain gives it a unique pattern that cannot be replicated.

A one of a kind handmade chopping board is the perfect gift for any kitchen/foodie connoisseur. If your looking for something unique this is just the gift!

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Detailed information about Large Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board

The board itself has a shape that is governed by the grain as is the color and inherent pattern. An advantage of having natural grain is that if the owner turns it over then they have a completely different grain pattern.

It has a hole in one end for holding, hanging when not in use and for decoration. Its measurements are approximately 15” to 16” long and 5” to 6” wide, the edges and corners have been rounded to prevent splintering and the wood itself has been treated with a mineral oil ready for kitchen use.


This is a lovely handmade board with a handsome grain and organic shape

Every board is unique, each gift is a one-off


The design of the cutting board is not very practical when it comes to food hygiene

There is a danger of cross-contamination of bacterial strains