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Bamboo Cutting Board – Engineer by Day, Chef by Night

This is a fun and useful gift for engineers who enjoy showing off their culinary chops for family and friends at the end of a long work day. Now engineers who dabble in the culinary arts the world over can let everyone know that their job is one thing, but their passion is cooking!

Engineers may be all facts and figures during the day, but come nighttime some of the don their aprons, bring out their knives and whisks, and let their inner culinary master steal the show.

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Detailed information about Bamboo Cutting Board – Engineer by Day, Chef by Night

This unique board is made from sustainable bamboo, a long-wearing, lightweight and strong alternative to traditional cutting boards. Bamboo, as well as being stronger than most hardwoods, is also less damaging to the blades on kitchen knives, making this material an all-around better choice. The bamboo is also pre-oiled to give the wood a lustrous and lasting finish.

This product is rectangular in shape and measures 9.75 inches wide by 13.75 inches long. There is a cutout handle at one end of the product that allows this board to be easily carried in order to bring the chopped food to the cooking vessel.


Made from rugged, beautiful and sustainable bamboo

Skillfully engraved with darker stained print

Reversible for use on either side