Fabric Flower Cat Ear Headband In Pink

This will be the perfect addition to any girl’s wardrobe. The fabric flower cat ear headband is a fashionable item that will make anyone the center of attention. The fabric cat ears are made of elegant flowers which will sit as a floral crown on anyone’s head. It is the perfect decorating item for the hair and it can serve as an adorable gift. It can be worn on any occasion! To a friend’s birthday party, evening event, Christmas, Halloween etc.  It comes in a total of six colors that would suit many different casual wears. This headband could also be worn when a person wants to do their make up without being distracted by the hair.

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Detailed information about Fabric Flower Cat Ear Headband In Pink

This can be the perfect gift for any girl and they will surely appreciate it. It could also pass for a secret Santa Gift. It would perfectly stay in place without causing troubles and will add to any outfit. It comes with a band that is durable and safe for people with a sensitive scalp. Hurry up and get for friends or people you love and care about. The headband is subtle yet eye-catching.