FIKA Mickey Mouse Aromatherapy Essential Oils Necklace

Just when you thought you have seen it all, something like this unique Mickey Mouse Aromatherapy Essential Oil necklace comes along. You read that right – this lovely piece of jewelry is exactly what you thought it is. Aside from sporting Mickey Mouse’s famous and familiar ear and head shape, it also acts as a portable diffuser for your favorite essential oils.

This is a really cool and creative gift for that person in your life who loves Disney’s most famous star and adores the benefits of essential oils. You are basically hitting two birds with one stone when you give this Mickey Mouse Pendant on your loved ones’ birthday, your anniversary, Valentines or everyone’s favorite holiday… Christmas!

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Detailed information about FIKA Mickey Mouse Aromatherapy Essential Oils Necklace

Enjoy the pleasing aroma that will emanate from the necklace all day or night long. Worried about the locket popping open? You don’t need to!

The makers of this necklace made sure the oil won’t leak out by making the magnetic closure strong enough to lock everything in place. This necklace comes with a 20-inch chain so you can wear it long or short, depending on your preference.

What’s more is, aside from the silver Mickey Mouse silhouette design, it also comes in the Disney Castle silhouette with Mickey Mouse’s head shape in the middle.


Easy to set essential oils up

Unique and high quality

Fashionable and functional at the same time