Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

Kids always love to use a backpack in which to carry their bits and pieces and if the backpack has something Disney about it then all the better. This 2 pack backpack from Disney is just the job if you have two young ones who love Mickey Mouse or anything to do with Disney. The packs are based on a drawstring bag with thin shoulder straps.

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Detailed information about Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

The sizes of the bags are suitable for a child between the age of ten and thirteen but may suit a larger built, younger child or a petite adult. They each hold a decent amount of the things that kids might want when out and about: a water bottle, snacks, rain jacket, phone, autograph book, and pen. The drawstring bag may even be large enough for someone to use at school for carrying pens, books, and paper. Just try it first and confirm that the bag is not going to be overstressed or stretched or you might find that the fabric splits.

This drawstring Mickey Mouse backpack is great to give to the kids before visiting one of the Disney parks. The pack will fit all the things that kids usually want to carry around with them, as long as it is not overloaded! When the kids get home again after the Disney trip, they will find that the pack is suitable for school use too. It will carry a few books, a water bottle, and snacks or it can be used to carry around sports clothes and shoes.


Just the right size for largely sized children or small sized adults

The motif is a Micky Mouse silhouette head in gold or silver

Perfect for carrying items needed for a day trip away from home