Love Sweety Flower Berries Crown Headband

Love Sweety is a wonderful brand that creates and sells amazing headbands and head pieces. They make a huge variety of different head bands for all different occasions. They focus on the use of floral elements for primarily natural looking headbands and head pieces that are stunningly beautiful! They make headbands for both children as well as adults. This particular lovely floral headband is made for adults. Although, with the use of a few bobby pins, it can easily be used for children as well.

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Detailed information about Love Sweety Flower Berries Crown Headband

This floral headband is made primarily of a soft-looking greenery that is twisted around itself to create a well-formed circle of the greenery. This creates a crown of sorts. It is perfectly decorated with stunning small white flowers and white berries. It is a lovely look that is created by these pieces. There are, however, lots of other wonderful options with this piece. You can choose it in a wide variety of styles and colors.

They have very similar headbands in different colors like blue, purple, red, and more! They also have different designs with smaller berries all around or tiny flowers. You can even choose options that have floral pieces that hang down in the back like a small train on your headband. With so many options, it is easy to find the right piece for whatever you are looking for.