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Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel for Boys

These adorable Animal Face Hooded Towels from Hudson Baby are some of the cutest towels in existence! They are a great way to make bath-time more fun and much cuter. They are generously sized at 33 inches by 33 inches. This is wonderful because they cover baby from head to toe with no problem. This impressive coverage is ideal since you wouldn’t want baby to be cold in the cool air after their warm bath. These towels are the perfect way to dry them and keep them warm after the bath and before you get them dressed again.

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Additionally, another benefit of the large size of these hooded towels is that they are perfect from birth all the way up to the late toddler years. The fun and cute designs will make them a huge hit with the older babies and toddlers. Each towel features a different 3D animal design. One of the options is a fun grey elephant with stylish glasses giving it a very clever appearance. Other options include a giraffe with a pink flower in her hair, a pink towel with a majestic unicorn, a fluffy crowned bunny, a walrus in a top hat, a French bulldog sporting a monocle, and a captain’s hat clad pelican.